lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

miley cyrus

miley cyrus now with his new movie hannah montana: the movie now she to have wath to elect in to be (miley stwart o hannah montana)she to have the best of both world his star pop o miley , the best movie and best serial hannah montana miley cyrus with 16 year is one of the best star title in the world , with his song ,fly on the wall, one million , true friends , ................ miley cyrus ( hannah montana) in the world of children

for Bella Swan, see one thing but important wath his own life: Edward Cullen. but to fallin love of one vampire is but dangerous of the wath Bella never could to have imagine. Edward already a to rescue to Bella of the clutche of one diabolic vampire, for now, to measure wath his risky relation threat all the wath is near and to love for they, i know to give count of wath his problem i can wath to be rainig empezando... for that Edward, to cut to have relation, with she.